Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Q: How do you Know if Your Insurance Sucks?

A: The receptionist at the doctor's office laughs at you when you hand her your insurance card.

And so my day began.

I've been dealing with some lower back/hipish pain for awhile now and I have put off going to the doctor out of fear that I'm becoming my mother. I finally got quite enough of it and gave in, though. The doctor said he thinks something is "off" in my sacroiliac joint and gave me a prescription for some anti-inflammatory medicine and some stretching exercises to do. I have to go back in two weeks. Hopefully, I'll be much better by then. We'll see.

I hadn't been to the doctor in two years, so I decided to use that opportunity to get a new RX for my migraine medicine. Do any of you take RX migraine medicine? What kinds have you tried and what has worked for you? I use Relpax, but it's so FREAKIN' EXPENSIVE. The prescription costs $135. For SIX pills. Considering I get a migraine about once every week or the math. Luckily, I can catch most of them early and treat them with over the counter meds. My insurance knocked the price down to $102. I was surprised. Usually it doesn't reduce the price of anything more than a dollar or two. Anyway, if any of you know anything about migraine medicines that cost less per pill and still work well, lay 'em on me. I can't wait until they start crankin' out generics.


Pamela said...

you are worth the price of the prescription.

Someone I know is suffering early onset dementia, and the doctors believe it is from the damage done by migraines.

So, take your expensive meds - and stay healthy!!!!!!!!

Stine said...

Don't want to have my eyes poked out... And besides, I like your blog!
Thanks for the visit - I won't poke yours out - this time ;-)