Wednesday, January 11, 2006

That Blog-Bl-Blog-Blog-Blog

For some reason I have turned "The Thong Song" into "The Blog Song". It's really strange how I take lyrics from real songs and automatically adapt them to fit every day life events.

Which reminds me.

So I have this co-worker (I might have mentioned this before) who for months has thought her headphones were plugged into her speakers, but they really weren't. So she'll sit at her desk with her headphones on (but not plugged up), and listen to music or video clips or whatever. And I guess having the headphones on kind of buffers the sound for her, because she'll adjust the volume and everything...all the while, the rest of us are listening along with her.

Well, I started to tell her, but it was just too darn funny and I wanted to see how long she would do it before she realized what was going on.

One day I forwarded the dancing hippo to her (I've sent it to some of you, but the link is below).

And she put on her headphones to listen to it, and the thong song started playing really loud. I left it play for several minutes, but finally I had to say, "Hey , that's really loud!"

It was great!

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