Monday, November 21, 2005

Swimming in Cough Drops

I haven't actually been swimming in cough drops, but I smell like I have!

I've been trying Aveeno's lotion for itchy skin that has menthol in it. I reek. It's making me really popular with the mens. :)

I finally did my enrollment in my new benefits for next year today. It's ugly. It looks like it's going to cost me $69.40 extra per month for the new benefits. We are supposed to get raises in January, but they haven't told us what they are yet. If it's not enough to cover the extra we're paying for benefits, it's not really a raise IMO. I went ahead and opted for the enhanced version of this plan, so I guess I'm paying a little more than I could if I went with the basic plan, but I based if off of how much I would have spent for all of my doctor visits and prescriptions that I had this past year and it made it worth it to go with the enhanced. Of course, my math skills are pretty shaky so I could be totally wrong. I need a personal assistant! I haven't balanced my checkbook in how many years?!

It still hasn't hit me that Thanksgiving is this week. I haven't begun to pack my bags or prepare myself mentally for a week filled with family. :) I'm sure it will be fine, but it's always a little stressful. I told Mercy yesterday that I was about to call MawMaw and PawPaw and she came over to me, sniffed the phone, and nudged me until I let her in my lap and put my arms around her. I think she associates MawMaw and PawPaw with riding in the car (which she hates). Plus she really never warms up to my mom, no matter how much time she spends with her. It's pretty weird. She loves my cousin though!

Anyway, much to do! Tomorrow is the Thanksgiving potluck at work, and I'm bringing a pie. This means there's a Wal-Mart trip in my future tonight. Then I'm taking off Wednesday and we're "closed" Thursday and Friday. I'm sure I'll come back with fun-filled stories. I just hope we don't have to go around the dinner table and take turns saying what we're thankful for. That generally puts me in a pissy mood. :)

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