Thursday, November 10, 2005

Did I just Move Back in with my Parents?!


...I was just wondering because this morning my team leader called at around 8:30 to ask if another one of my co-workers was in the office yet. I told him yes but that he had just gone downstairs. Long story short, he was calling to ask if he had heard that the local "gentlemen's club" got raided last night. He said, "I just wondered if he had made it in or not...if not he might have gotten caught up in the raid trying to protect 'Peaches'!" Anyway, we joked around a little bit and then I hung up.

When I hung up, my cube neighbor said, "Who is calling you this early in the morning?"

What? Did she just listen in on my conversation and then get so bold as to ask me who called me? Oh

It's like I moved back in with my parents for a minute. Creepy.

Who does that? This is the same girl who has her office phone and her cell phone ringers turned up to the highest possible volume which is really irritating. Additionally, she's never at her desk when her cell phone rings (which is about 10 times a day) and it also causes that awful static stuff with all of the electrical equipment in my cube. My computer screen goes all fuzzy and my speakers start screeching. AND we get terrible cell phone reception up here anyway, so she has to roll her chair over to a spot where she can halfway hear (which unfortunately happens to be at the opening of my cube). Yet I go out of my way not to listen to her phone conversations.

But I mind my own business and she listens to mine? I want to go back to working with all guys! The extra estrogen is killing me.

/rant over

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