Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Menu Plan

Monday - I took some manicotti I had pre-made and frozen, covered them with homemade alfredo sauce, and baked them. Also made a Red Lobster biscuit clone to go with them. So good.

Tuesday - Potluck! We have dribs and drabs of stuff that needs to be eaten up. *This just in! My sweet husband took some of the dribs and drabs to work with him today, so I'll be cooking after all...I think I'll make chicken tacos.*

Wednesday - Probably Hamburger Helper. I know, that's not really cooking, but we have some in the pantry and I've got hamburger meat, so might as well use it.

Thursday - Leftovers

Friday - Mexican chicken casserole. Nom Nom Nom.

Weekend - Combination of leftovers and maybe a crock pot meal. Depends on what we get up to.

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