Monday, March 07, 2011

In a Handbasket

First of all, either Mercy really likes Missy Elliot or she came in here with high hopes that I would toss her a Cheese Nip. Or maybe she likes that I'm singing along. I'm betting on the power of a delicious cheese snack though.

Speaking of which (pretend we were), on Sunday in my 2 year old class, the other teacher started singing and one of the little boys said, "NO! Only him sing!" (whilst pointing at me). Precious kiddos.

And now we get to the portion of the program where I confess that God may just give up on me.

Today my coworker was talking about what she was giving up for Lent. I suggested that she not give anything up, but instead do good deeds. Here are some of the deeds I suggested.

1. Cook me dinner for the next 40 days
2. Clean my house
3. Bathe my dogs
4. Set up a chocolate fountain on my desk

In my effort to help her be a better person, I may have condemned myself to hell.

Also, another coworker posted a FB status about how she needed motivation to go to the gym. One person told her to just think about how good she's going to feel after she works out. We all know that's a total load of crap, so I told her that I usually promise myself cookies afterward if I go work out.

Apparently that wasn't the type of motivation she was looking for.

Strike two and counting.


Lisa said...

Hehe, the cookies made me laugh.

Roz said...

:D) I read your blog today. Just wanted to let you know, that I read your blog today. :D)

Lainy said...

I am personally fond of the chocolate fountain on the desk idea. Have her send me one, too. But that kinda goes against what the hubby and I are giving up Lent for: candy. I told him chocolate shouldn't count as candy.