Monday, January 31, 2011

Best Pandora Station Ever

Because I'm a generous type, I'm sharing my favorite Pandora station. If you're easily offended, be aware that Pandora doesn't pick the radio edited versions of songs.

Best Station Ever

Dr. Dre?
Snoop Dogg?
Janet Jackson?
Salt n Pepa?

Yes, please! Reminds me of my, so long ago.

Also, it's apparently Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (according to some FB status updates I've seen). I'm a big fan of the bubble wrap. I'm thinking of celebrating by wrapping myself in bubble wrap and having a team of people roll me down the stairs. I mean, I'm only on the 4th floor. I'm sure the bubble wrap would hold up nicely. Also, I have accidental death and dismemberment coverage, so it's all good.

You know what today needs to be? Jennifer Appreciation Day. You can all celebrate JAD by baking me cookies. I really don't ask for much. No high-maintenance-ness here. Don't put any coconut in them. In fact, don't put any nuts in them either. Other than that, I give you creative license to make whatever you want.

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