Thursday, September 02, 2010

Guess I'll Go Eat Worms

You know what's disconcerting? Finding a tapeworm crawling on your dog's blanket....the dog's blanket on the human's bed. That's not cool.

I did briefly consider swallowing it as a weight loss strategy, but then I thought about where it came from and quickly dropped that idea.

When we went to the vet, he tested her (Maya) for worms, she came back clean, but he said the only type that wouldn't show up on the test was tapeworm. So here we are two weeks later and apparently Maya has tapeworms. That probably means that my other girls have them by now too. Their heartworm preventative meds prevent certain other types of worms too, but not tapeworm. Good thing Maya has a follow up vet appointment tomorrow!

She's doing pretty well though. Showing a lot of personality, loving belly rubs, stinking to HIGH heaven, growing a little bit of hair, and itching a little less. She's gained 3/10 of a pound, even with parasites.

Her breath smells like road kill in August, but maybe the vet will address that tomorrow too.

She's clearly not all better, so I assume that he will come up with a different or extended treatment plan. She's been on steroids, but he's weaned her down on those, so we'll have to see what else he has in his bag of tricks.

In the meantime, no more lying on the bed while I kill zombies!

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David Felio said...

You're pretty well-read, maybe you can help. I'm looking for a word that means pity and concern, but with a little throw-up in the back of your throat.