Thursday, September 09, 2010

Another Day, Another Vet Appointment

So, little Maya was doing swimmingly while she was on Prednisone, but after she had been off of it a few days, she started going backwards. She is now itching every bit as badly as she did when she first came to my house, so I took her back to the vet today. Good thing I was off work today! I'm not loving the drive to LR for frequent vet visits, but hopefully we'll get her stabilized so that the visits don't have to be so frequent.

This vet (the other vet--a much more personable guy-- in the clinic she's been going to) says that she's likely pretty much allergic to EVERYTHING which is why she can't stop itching. Boo! The Prednisone helps keep it under control, but steroids carry their own risks and side effects when they're used long-term, so we're going to try to find the lowest dosage that still works for her. We may also switch to RX hypoallergenic food before it's all over. He said the food change might be enough to help her after we get it back under control with the meds.

He did say that another local rescue organization recently adopted out a dog with a similar condition, so at least I know that there are some decent people out there who don't mind a dog with special needs. She really is a sweetheart and she'll be a great pet for someone who understands that she needs a little extra care. In another 10 days, we'll go back again and see how she's doing at that point.

She's up to 11.7 pounds (from 10.3 pounds when I got her), so she's looking better in that regard. In fact, if she keeps up at this rate, she'll have to go on a diet! I was offended the other day at Petsmart when someone called her fat (there was no fat on her little body!), but it might be a little bit true at this point. Which means she fits in just fine around here. Ahem.

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