Saturday, April 03, 2010

A Grievance Aired

The other day, a FB friend posted a picture of a great many little tiny DYED ducklings. Everyone was supposed to tell her how cute they were because she bought them as DOOR PRIZES for her child's party. Seriously? I mean really? I wanted to shake her until her eyes rolled around in her head. How irresponsible. I really hate the seasonal animal gift giving thing-- even if the animal is bought for one's own family. Why would someone assume that their guests want to be saddled with the responsibility of pet ownership? Especially the ownership of a duck. Of all the idiotic things to do.

So here's my plea...please, please, please don't give into the "oh how cute, I should buy that for little Johnny for Easter!" syndrome. Cute grows up.

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Lainy Cakes said...

Kinda like when my ex-in-laws gave mu kiddo a bunny for easter last year, and a chick some other year..and a puppy for his 3nd birthday...without even asking my permission. I told THEM to keep the pets! Now they wish someone would take the dog and bunny. The chick died I believe.