Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Hard Part is Over

Whew! Who knew that a "short week" could feel so long? It's been a very energy draining week or two at work, but I've finished the hardest part. I'm transitioning into my new job role and in order to do that, I had to write out specs for every little piddly thing we do in great detail so the person who picks up the work won't even have to think about it...they can just follow my specs. It has been a major undertaking...especially since I'm writing specs for a process that I don't even work on. It's kind of nerve wracking because whatever I come up with becomes the framework for how every other process in our realm will be built. Anyway, I finished all of my rough drafts this week and even had time to polish some of them. So glad that part is over. We go into production with them next week.

In other happy news, I learned that I'll be getting a laptop at work. Yay! That will be fabulous. Now if I could just talk them into getting me a hard office, I would be in business. A girl can dream, anyway.


David Felio said...

A laptop? Yea! Now you can completely dissolve the work/life barrier! :-)

So what's the new job position?

Mercy's Maid said...

Well...I already log in from home, so it will be an upgrade from my hoopty home computer to something new!

Workflow Manager. I'm taking over the customer interaction portion of what we do, writing specs for people who work here, and keeping everything from spinning violently out of control. I hope.