Friday, October 23, 2009

I will not, not, not...

beat someone with a blunt object. But just to be sure, someone should hide all the blunt objects. And probably the pointy ones too.

I have been busy busy busy at work, which is fine. I prefer being busy to being useless, so it's a good thing. Except that it doesn't leave me much time to do other people's jobs for them, and yet they persist in requiring it of me.

I try to be proactive and write up training manuals for people so that they can just copy and paste what I write into a job and make it work, but apparently the concept of copy and paste is lost on certain people, because they still get it wrong. Every. Time. In strange and illogical ways.

Send me an e-mail asking a question and I answer it -- at this point, it would be a good idea to do what I instruct you to do to fix your problem rather than doing the opposite of what I tell you so that you have to call me 10 minutes later and ask me what's wrong.

If a customer's specs say "do XYZ", and you don't follow the specs so the customer e-mails and asks you to "do XYZ", it is not necessary to e-mail me to ask if you should "do XYZ". All signs point to yes!

Ouch! I just pulled out a clump of my hair.

I have spent about 4 hours today doing work on stuff that I don't "own".

On the bright side, there was a baby shower today, so I got to eat cake. In every dark cloud, there's a piece of cake. Or at least there should be.

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Pamela said...

I really try to follow directions - but sometimes I get lost.

I hope the cake made it all okay.