Monday, August 03, 2009

Medicated and (Un)Motivated

I've been fighting sinus junk for over a week and after I coughed myself sick in the middle of the night last night, I decided to break down and go to the doctor.

Sinus infection and bronchitis, you know, the usual. (Are there people in the world who actually just get colds and get better? Or is that a myth?) I'm glad I'm not contagious, (I knew I wasn't b/c like I said, this is the usual.) but must my respiratory system fail me?

So I've procured some antibiotics and some Mucinex-D (Hate the stuff! Can't sleep when I'm on it.) I also asked about doing something different about my migraines. I take prescription stuff when I get one and it usually works pretty well, but it's about $25 per pill (ask me if I love my health insurance) and when you have migraines several times a week....let's just say it's not a great option.

So she put me on Topamax to try to prevent migraines. Anybody tried it? Thoughts about it? I'll start it tonight. I've got to work up to a maintenance dose, so I'll start out slow and get to the dosage she wants me on in about a month.

One of the side effects is weight loss. And this is a, exactly?! Sign me up for a double dose!

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