Monday, August 10, 2009

Because This Requires Less Effort...

than running laps around the building.

Do you ever have days when you feel completely restless? My mind will not be still. I'm at work, granted. But I finished two weeks worth of work in, OH, three days. So I'm bored. I should really learn to stretch out my work so that I look busy when I'm not, but I really have no use for that. I've even sought out busy work. I made up check lists for the work I did and trained someone else on how to do it. I've contacted my customer repeatedly to try to see if they've been able to audit my work (it's like pulling teeth to get in touch with them).

So here I sit, restless.

I realized yesterday that I haven't started on my book club book yet and we are meeting to discuss it next Monday. Oops! I'm all engrossed in a different (900 paged!) book at the moment, but I suppose I'll tear myself away long enough for my assigned reading.

The boy brought me his dad's DR Trimmer thingy this weekend so I can try to tackle my back yard. He pantomimed how it works yesterday and I looked at him crazy. There are about fifty-seven levers you have to push and pull this way and that and a "clutch" and a "throttle" and other such nonsense words. I was not taking notes. It's going to take several different sessions, I'm sure. I need servants. Plain and simple. I am not cut out for sweating. Or spiders. You should have seen the size of the ones I saw when I mowed the little section I got to the other day. *shudder*

In other news, I believe my bronchitis may be getting slightly better. I still usually don't sleep all the way through the night without a coughing fit, but the fits usually don't last as long as they had been. Antibiotics are my friend, as much as I hate taking them.

Know what's also my friend? The three hour Sunday afternoon nap. :) So nice. I would seriously consider moving to some siesta-taking country where naps are the norm. Hablo Espanol!

OK, I guess I'll go start on my reading now. (Voy a leer!)

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