Friday, July 31, 2009

Things that are Likely to Happen this Weekend

Happy Friday!

Maybe the title is a little hopeful, but these are all things that I want to happen this weekend – or things that need to happen this weekend.

1. Today is pickup day for my area’s locally grown market. (Dang you, Barbara Kingsolver!). I finally found a source for locally grown, organic, free range chicken. Yay! And I don’t have to buy a whole chicken. I can buy just the bone-in breasts. I have no idea how to debone an animal. If you have tips, please share. I usually buy my meat boneless because it looks much less like a carcass that way. (Dang you, chickens for being so tasty!)

The locally grown market is pretty neat. It’s like a co-op, I guess. Local farmers list what crops they will have available on this website and you can order what you want. Then once a week, everyone comes into town and picks up the stuff they ordered. It’s an interesting way to get fresh foods and support local farmers.

2. Tonight I’m doing childcare for my church. Quite by accident, but that’s OK. I’m sure it’ll be fun. I’m supposedly going to watch grade school aged kids. I’m used to watching the babies at church. They are cute and cuddly, easily entertained, and not sassy at all. I might need to work out some sort of entertainment plan for the older kids because in my experience, when they get bored, that’s when the wheels fall off. I will ponder about that. You can give your entertainment tips too.

3. Tomorrow I really want to go see Harry Potter at the IMAX. It might even turn into a real live date! Fun stuff. Hey, Kelvy. I have a $4 off Olive Garden coupon that’s burning a hole in my wallet, if you want to be all classy and whatnot. :)

4. My backyard looks like a tropical rainforest. I feel badly for the dogs and for my neighbors (thank goodness for privacy fences!). In my defense, July was a record-breaking month in terms of the amount of rain we’ve gotten. And it takes forever for water to drain out of my backyard after it rains. I was going to weed eat it the other day in an effort to bring some order to it – since there’s no way I could push my mower through the mud. Which brings us to…

5. I need to exchange my weed eater. Long story short, I got a new one, used it once, and now it doesn’t work anymore. Thus, my back yard still looks like a rainforest.

6. And while I’m at Home Depot, I need to return the replacement fence planks (Dang you, neighborhood hellion kids!) I bought that are the wrong size.

7. And buy new light bulbs for my kitchen fixture. Mine had stopped working altogether until yesterday when I flipped the switch on out of habit and they turned on just as brightly as the day they were born. Very strange, but I don’t trust them to continue working and besides, they are the ones that were put in when I built my house 8 years ago. They deserve a break.

Wow, this has devolved quickly. I must go.

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