Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Not Putting up a Christmas Tree WAS a Good Idea

Because, see, now I have nothing to pack back up and put away! I'm either a genius or lazy.

Hooray for Christmas being over! Is that scrooge-ish? I don't care. I went to church with my family on Sunday and there was Christmas carol singing going on in church. After Christmas. I cringed, but I sang along.

Being back home was fun though. Lots of activity. My great-nephew said my name (not my real name, but the name that my nieces and nephews all call me) for the first time while I was there. We all screamed so loud when he did it the first time that I think he probably messed himself. He looked scared, but it was definitely one of the highlights of my year (he said it several times before I left - 17 months old. Boy genius. Yes, I'm proud of him.)

My parents still have three of the puppies at their house, so I spent a great deal of time being chewed on and pounced on. It was fun, but it sure was sad to leave them. The other three puppies were given to the lady who cleans house for my mom and dad. This is the same lady who my mother is so wary of that she hides all of her prescription drugs before the lady comes to clean. And they gave her three puppies. Silliest thing I've ever heard. The next day she brought one of the puppies back and exchanged it for a different puppy because the original puppy "cried all night". Well, duh. Puppies cry at night. Get used to it. Then the next day she called to say that all three of the puppies had been stolen from her yard. Right. Crackhead. Anyway, I really hope they are able to find good homes for the rest of the puppies. They're really sweet. I want my dad to keep one of them, but he's only considering that as a last resort.

(Videos of the puppies and of baby great-nephew on my Facebook, btw. More videos to come once I get settled back in.)

I'm trying to get back into the swing of things at work, but I'm having a hard time being motivated. I'm the only one working at the office today (another of the girls is working from home) and it's quiet and I want to take a nap.

Hayden and I are going to start running together again very soon. I hate the thought of it, but my clothes hate the thought of me NOT running because I'm stretching them to the limit!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's best and worst books of 2008 recap.

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