Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Thank you for all of the comments, e-mails, phone calls, etc. regarding my sister. I love y'all too.

We will know more after she meets with her new dr. in Dallas on Thursday. Her son graduates from high school next month and she really wants to be able to go to his graduation, so pray that they can work around that. It will probably take her 2-3 months to recover from the surgery, but she wants it done as soon as possible to get it over with and get the cancer out of her body, and at the same time she's really scared. My other sister (who is a nurse) has offered to come down when she is discharged from the hospital to help her deal with all of the drains they will leave in her when she's sent home (at least 6). As you can imagine, this is a very emotional time for my family, so please continue to pray.


Liane said...

*hugs* to you all.

Lemonchicky said...

I'm sorry Jennifer. I am praying that this just all happens quickly and things get back to normal for your family soon.