Friday, April 18, 2008

Love is a Many Trousered Thing by Louise Rennison

Rosie is out with Sven at the "pictures," her mum says. Oh yeah, as if. And the film they are watching is Number Seven on the Snogging Scale. --page 32

What??? What fresh hell? HIS hair dye? My Vati, not content with growing small badgers on his chin and wearing leather trousers and having a clown car, was now trying to be Lady Cliff Richard. Or Lady Paul McCartney. --page 35

I didn't know how fab bees were, and so sensible they could teach us a thing or two. For instance, the queen bee kills her sexual partners by tearing off their reproductive equipment (or bee trouser-snake addenda) once she has had her wicked way with them. -- page 103

Uncle Eddie is going to be a stripper. Honestly. You know when you can order a policeman or a fireman or a James Bond-o-gram for a hen night or a birthday? Well apparently, and I cannot imagine the kind of people this involves, there is a demand for a baldy-o-gram. And Uncle Eddie is going to be it. -- page 190

Not the funniest Georgia Nicolson book ever written...more boy drama, etc. There's a cliff-hanger at the end, so I assume there will be more books to come.

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