Wednesday, February 06, 2008


My nephew goes to school here:

He was at work when the tornado hit and his wife was also away from campus. When they saw that serious storms were coming through, everyone at my nephew's job went into a safe area and locked the doors to the building so no customers would try to come in. A few minutes later, his wife walked in. She didn't know anything about the tornado warning and when he asked her how she got in the building she said, "Well, I just came in through the front door like I usually do." Thankfully, somehow the door was unlocked for her and she was able to be in a safe place to wait out the storm.

When they went outside after it was over, they saw that my nephew's truck was badly damaged. I do not know about their apartment because my sister was only able to talk to them for a few minutes before their phone service went out last night.

Looking at those pictures, it's amazing to me that nobody was killed on the campus.

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dennisanddanielle said...

I have family in Jackson, I called this morning 6am their time. They were also ok. very scary.