Sunday, December 02, 2007

It is (Almost) Finished

My Christmas shopping is finished. The wrapping of the presents is almost finished (I ordered one gift and it hasn't arrived yet and I have another gift that I'm going to have to find a creative way to wrap). It's a good feeling. Particularly since went to Target this weekend and nearly lost my mind from all of the people and cars and the lack of parking spaces and all of the things that are normal at this time of year.

The wreath is on the door. The garland is around the door. Neither the garland or the lighted wreath have been plugged up yet, mind you. The tree is technically up, but I haven't fluffed it or decorated it yet. But things are coming along. No avalanche buried me when I started dragging the decorations out, so that was a bonus.

I ran across a blog entry that I really enjoyed (regarding the STUFF we accumulate and Christmas). Go check it out.

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Chelle said...

I won't go near a Target again until sometime after New Year's day; people here are cuh-ra-zeee and I can't stand the fight for parking spaces, shopping carts and a place in line.

Thank goodness for internet shopping :)