Thursday, December 06, 2007

A Day In the Life...

Do I have any publics that are Database Administrators?

I'm asking because I'm fairly certain that there's something about the DBA job role that makes people drink at work. The people on the next aisle over are all DBA types. They scare me a little sometimes.

Like the one guy who keeps singing "I want to be a part of it...NEW YORK, NEEEEEEEEEEEEW YORK!!!!" over and over again. He must not know the rest of the song because he just keeps repeating that phrase over and over again. Did I mention he's been singing it over and over all morning long? Just wondering. I think there might have been some kind of chorus line action going on with it earlier today too because there was certainly a lot of loud banging and talk of what the people who work on the next floor down must be thinking.

If you want to know what a day in my life is like, just click on the video below and listen to the section between :26 and :34 over and over again...and keep in mind that the guy singing it in my little alternate reality is NO FRANK SINATRA. Thank you for sharing this unfortunate period of my life with me.

I'm going to lose my freakin' mind. Hide all of the blunt objects.


Shoshana said...

OMG...that would drive me out of my mind. So, if you harm him, is that considered 'justifiable?'

I like this song. Now it's stuck my my heart and it's going to rattle around there for a while!

I saw you on Amy's Random made a comment about my blogspot blog...which I've more to this one Just Say These Words

Toebee's Fumes said...

That is why I up and quit my job a few weeks ago, with nothing no job to fall back into. Yikes did I do that?

Had to do it since the rest of the office I worked for drove me rather insane. So happy I have left that all behind me!

I know most cannot just up and quit but for me it has been AWESOME!

Pamela said...

he's over the edge.
ear plugs?