Monday, December 17, 2007

Baby Update and Other Things

The baby finally got out of the hospital yesterday. He's still sick--infections in both ears, lots of congestion (he will continue with his breathing treatments at home), but he is able to keep his food down again and he's starting to act like he feels a little better. If you prayed for him, thanks. Please keep praying that his ears/chest will clear up.

In other news, I had my consultation visit for Lasik surgery on Friday. Here's my theory: the people who do the eye exams for that get bored, so they try to think up new and exciting things to stick in peoples' eyeballs. At one point, they put pieces of paper in my eyes and left them for 5 minutes. Crazy people.

Anyway, I have my surgery scheduled for the 24th of next month. I learned that I have dry eyes and my corneas have dry spots on them from that, so they've got me on special eye drops. Hopefully that will get fixed before the surgery.

The information pamphlets about it are quite alarming. The part where they said, "We cut a flap in your cornea and flip it back. It is possible for the flap to come off. You may need a cornea transplant if this happens," was very queasy-making. Also the part where they said, "At one point during your surgery, your vision will go very dark or completely black." I'm glad they told me that. Otherwise I would probably be lying on the table screaming, "You've blinded me, you blankety-blanks!"

Bring on the Valium. Like now. I need a head start.


jasonandjennyt said...

Oh my goodness...I can't believe you're really going for it! You're braver than me for sure. Let me know how it goes....I've actually been interested for years.

Mercy's Maid said...

I know...the more I learn about the actual procedure, the more woozy it makes me, but I have started having major problems wearing contacts (because my eyes are dry), I have headaches all the time, my glasses aren't the right RX. Basically I'm just having a very hard time seeing and I'm ready to be done with glasses and contacts. The hardest part of it will be not being able to read/look at a computer/ watch tv for two days. I guess I'll have to go get audio books. :)