Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Continued Harrassment

Want to see the latest marker board harrassment? Good!

In case you can't read it, it says, "Whore Central!!" In all fairness, the harrassment wasn't in reference to me this time (at least I hope not), but such ugly things still end up on my marker board somehow--thanks to the usual suspect.

In other news, I spent a great deal of time folding clothes last night. It's part of my continuing effort to slay the laundry monster. That's pretty much the only monster I slayed though. I had plans to work on the dishes monster and the dirty floor monster, but I was feeling kind of puny.


Pamela said...


Jim said...

"whore central"...why didn't you tell me I work at the wrong place!!! :) just kidding...very just kidding...(too many people at "central")

also, what do you mean 'feeling puny?' ?
what happened to Perseverence?
Indomitable Spirit?
Self Control?
the Floozy?
oh, oops, different topic...
have a great day!

Mercy's Maid said...

My indomitable spirit goes away when I feel like throwing up. :)

Speaking of which, I told you Christina's in Ireland now, didn't I? It seems like she's enjoying it.

Jim said...

No, you di'unt, lass, but I be forgiven ya
(now that I look at it, instead of Irish, that might've been Pirate Leprechaun speak)