Sunday, August 05, 2007

They Really Do Grow Up Too Fast

I was clearing up some clutter the other day and had a few items I wanted to tuck away in my "special box". This box has stuff I've collected for a long time. Letters from dear friends, ticket stubs, playbills, cards that came off bouquets of flowers I've received. You get the picture. Anyway, I hadn't really looked at what was in there for years. I rifled around in it for a minute and found something I had forgotten I even had. I'll try to transcribe it here. It's written in huge, scribbled, red print. I'm leaving the spelling mistakes because that's part of its charm.

Dear Jennifer,

We can draw Easter pickters and play cars and play with me and Katies, Dads, Moms foot-ball cards. We can make them play foot-ball. Katie and me have big ball games and we (unintelligible words) Want to make Easter list of things we want to get from the Easter bunny. Me and Katie have a Easter hunt for you and we have something else for you some candy in a bag and one thats not in the bag. Its real sour candy throug that has all the times me and Wil hade with with them. Just try to suck all of it up the sour part ther if tastes real good. There is called warhead it rasberry you know the flavor. And the fun part is we get to dye Easter egg maybe we can add pooh bear and other ones yippey-ppe.

Sicerly, Katie & Wil you know your neise and nephew! With love!

I love those babies. It kills me to think that one of those babies has her own baby now.

I still want to draw Easter 'pickters' with them. I had no idea how preciously short their childhood was going to be at the time.

Go hug your babies. They grow up too fast.

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Jim said...

Amen, and Amen