Wednesday, July 18, 2007

No She's Not!

False alarm. It seemed as if her water broke last night, but when they went to the hospital, she wasn't dilated and there was still a good amount of water around the baby, so they sent her home and put her on strict bed rest (her blood pressure was up a little, I think). That'll be fun for her.

So I'm here.

Happy baby babies shower today to my friend Arthur!

It's the season of babies.


It's impossible for me to walk out of my house with 100% of what I need to take with me. I had to turn around when I left for work this morning to get my phone. Even with the return trip, I still left some other stuff at home. Yo soy losero. I wonder if that's classified as some sort of learning disability. The inability to learn to gather all your crap up and take it with you. Maybe it should be.

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