Thursday, June 14, 2007

13 NYC Moments (TT #19)

1. I think I spent more time on airplanes this time than I actually spent in the city. Seriously. A two hour delay here, a two hour delay there, and let's throw in an hour long holding pattern for good measure! There's nothing like getting to your hotel at 1 in the morning.

2. We stayed here this time. It was a nice place with a good location, but I sure was glad that I didn't have to pay for it!

3. Sexual harrassment. This didn't happen to me, but let's just say that some people actually got "spankings" from one of the customers (actually, their supervisor). Still, she wasn't as bad as last year when she rubbed her hoo-hoo all over every unsuspecting guy who stood still for a minute.

4. Drunken debauchery. I can't believe nobody passed out--especially the person I just referenced in #3. I don't think I've ever seen somebody that drunk.

5. I got my picture taken with a giant M&M at M&M's World on Broadway/Times Square. I couldn't resist a store dedicated to a delicious chocolate candy. I'll have to post pictures later--maybe on Myspace.

6. Listening to the person referenced in #3 talk about stumbling back to one of her underlings' hotel rooms to sleep and sleeping naked (I think I just threw up), and IRONING her UNDERGARMENTS because they were soaking WET (I know I just threw up). Yes, this was brought up in our business meeting the next day.

7. Here's a tip. If you're going to walk 15 blocks in NYC, you might want to remove your slimming hip-slip thingy. I'm pretty sure I need a hip replacement. It didn't occur to me that not only was I walking a pretty far distance, but I had tons of resistance from said garment (is that TMI?). I've got your thigh master right here, Suzanne Somers!

8. Trying to run off and leave the customers after spending several hours with them at this place (same place we went last year), only to have them follow us "like a ^&*% stray cat", to quote another member of my team.

9. Suffering through a meeting the next day after most everyone had been out until 2am. That was painful, especially since that second day's topics had absolutely nothing to do with me. I'm glad I didn't stay out as late as some of the other people.

10. Listening to my grumpy boss complain about getting in so late when he was the one who booked a late flight in the first place--and was the one who shot down the idea of taking an earlier flight.

11. Pigeons. I just love them. They're so cute with their little wiggly heads.

12. I had my first corn muffin while I was there. Isn't that kind of ironic? Aren't corn muffins kind of Southern fare? Anyway, imagine my surprise when I bit into what I thought was a lemon muffin and found that it was more like sweet cornbread.

13. I made it through all that without as much as a SIP of Coke. I haven't had any Coke in about a week or so. Good thing that the meetings were stocked with Pepsi products, or I might have broken down.


Scribbit said...

What amazed me about NY when I visited was the cost of everything--parking alone was outrageous.

Mercy's Maid said...

Yes, parking is insane, but I think you have to be a little nutty to even DRIVE in that mess anyway. Every time I ride in a taxi, I think, "So, this is how it all ends?"

Pamela said...

I gave up pepsi for acid reflux...

great list of 13....when I went there I got a crook in my neck from looking up