Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Long Weekend Highlights

I hope you all had a restful and fun weekend. Mine was pretty good. I didn't do a whole lot (which is A-OK because I'm lazy).

As you already know, I went to Little Mandy's wedding. It was really pretty. The temperature was great, the weather was great, it was a relaxed atmosphere. I give it two thumbs up. The idea of an outdoor wedding has always scared me because there are too many uncontrollable unknowns, but they are awfully pretty. Hers was under a pavillion. I wonder if the Garvan Woodland Gardens people would allow someone to fumigate the pavillion before a wedding? You know I have an unreasonable fear of spiders, right? I did have to kill a grandaddy longlegs with a glass of champagne (not MY glass of champagne, either!). And I saw a spider on a nearby chair, but other than that, I don't think I was in mortal danger of dying at any point. Technically, I guess the spiders were supposed to be there since we were in their home and all. Kevin says they make medication for people like me. But anyway, still a very nice wedding. Did I mention there was no bouquet toss? A victory for single people everywhere!

As a result of going to Mandy's wedding, I'm ordering a gps thingy for my car. Tara had one and it was just too cool. I figured it would come in REALLY handy for my Florida trip that's coming up. I imagine I'll hear it say, "Take a U-turn in .3 miles." more than a few times.

I also got a Thursday 13 topic out of the weekend, but I'll leave that for another day...you know, like, maybe Thursday?

The boy cooked me cowburgers yesterday. It was the first time I had eaten cow in I don't know how long. Maybe almost a year. It was good though. Holidays just aren't holidays without a little cow. Moo.


Toebee's Fumes said...

Hey I finally know of a destination point to one of your posts. My wifes Grandmother, the one we went to visit a few months ago in Hot Springs, suggested a visit to Garvin Gardens. My wife liked the idea and we went.

Looked like a great place for a Romantic outdoor wedding as your friend had.


Elaine said...

Heya thanks for the link to AC ^_^ It's really pretty there isn't it? I'm planning to take my Mom up there sometime, I just know she'll love it.