Friday, May 18, 2007

ABC's About ME ME ME

Mo from Inside Mo's Mind tagged me with the "ABC's Abouts Me" Meme. I think it's her attempt to alleviate my blogger's block.

A- Attached or Single? Single in that way in which I'm not married.

B- Best Friend- I'm blessed to have a few very close friends--some of which I've known for FOREVER...cause, you know, I'm old and stuff.

C- Cake or Pie- It's cruel to even bring up the subject of desserts if you're not willing to supply me with some. But for the record, chocolate pie.

D- Drink of choice- coke.

E- Essential Items- Reading material and a blanket. It's rare that I'm not covered up or wrapped up in some sort of blanket.

F- Favorite color- Blue

G- Gummi Bears or Worms- Worms--especially in "dirt cake", that stuff is good. I should make some.

H- Hometown- Texarkana.

I- Indulgence- chocolate, BOOKS.

J- January or February?- March, April, May. I like spring!

K- Kids- Hopefully some day. At least one.

L- Life is incomplete without- faith.

M- Marriage Date- Approximately never! ;)

N-Number of Siblings- 2

O- Oranges or Apples?- Neither, but if I had to choose, I'd choose oranges. I can't abide the texture of apples. Yuck!

P- Phobias/Fears- You don't have the time, trust me.

Q- Favorite Quote- I have no earthly idea. C.S. Lewis has some really good ones. You can search my blog for them if you want to.

R- Reason to Smile- Mercy and Butter

S- Seasons - Spring

T- Tags- Anyone who wants to! Just leave me a comment so I can visit your blog and see your answers.

U- Unknown fact about me- Apparently, I once fell over on some little kids at my nephew's birthday party. Took them out. I have no recollection of this, but my nephew recently relayed this info. to me after watching the VIDEO TAPE of this unfortunate event.

V- Vegetarian or oppressor of animals? I could eat chickens all day long. I'm not so big on cows or pigs, though. And you can forget about fish. Yuck!

W- Worse Habit- laziness?

X-X-rays or ultrasounds- Depends on what's wrong.

Y- Your Favorite Food- Chicken fettuccine alfredo from Olive Garden. Or Chick-Fil-A food.

Z- Zodiac- Taurus


Mad Max, via Jim said...

"oppressor of animals" ???

My big fat butt; your're at the top of the food chain, deal with it!!

Renee said...

I enjoy doing these... Thanks!

Pamela said...

now thats a strange meme. I can't eat apples. they give me gut aches.

pie... berry.

This one's been through several times. I see a change in a few questions.