Tuesday, December 27, 2005

White Trash Christmas!

I just came back from Texarkana today. I feel completely worn out. Mostly emotionally. I think I stayed one day too long. Going to Texarkana is like going to outer space--except less fun. I'm going to add some white trash Christmas pictures later, but I'm not sure which bag my camera is in and I don't feel like finding it right now to download the pictures.

Anyway, I guess it went OK. I didn't witness any crying or screaming this year--which is a definite improvement over last year. It's just so tense though. When you have a room full of about 20 family members and all of about two of them get along, it's just an uncomfortable situation.

On the upside, I did get some nice gifts. I got a CD I wanted from Roz, the softest throw you can imagine from Lemonchick (before I went to TXK), several books, a couple of candles, a car seat cover for Mercy, and this little fake Lamp Berger thingy and some other things. One cool thing was that I found my Christmas stocking from when I was little and have reclaimed it. So next year I can hang it up and maybe Santa will come by and fill it. :)

Apparently the food they fed her at the kennel didn't agree with Butter. She's a little...sick. I'm hoping she'll get it all out of her system before bedtime.

I think I'm going to clean house a little bit and maybe pack some Christmas stuff up. I'll try to download the pictures later.

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