Sunday, October 30, 2005


My sinuses started draining today. Yippee! So my throat hurts and feels hot. I've already started taking medicine, so hopefully I can get rid of it before it gets too bad. BUT even if I can't, I have a secret stash of antibiotics that I refused to take the last time I had a sinus infection, so I'm covered. In the meantime though, OUCH!

My Sunday School class drives me crazy. There's no singles class, so I was herded into a class of 40 year old married people where I've been attending for a few years. Anyway, in the last year or so, the teacher went away, so now the person who is supposed to be teaching only teaches occasionally and the rest of the time he passes it off to various students in the class....none of which want to teach, but most of which are too chicken to say so. SO...the people either don't show up when it's their day to teach, dread coming to class when it's their day to teach, or teach willingly but chase rabbits the whole time. Then there's me who gives dirty looks to anyone who even suggests I teach...and if they don't watch out I'll let loose and tell them why...they don't want that!

In short, I'd rather sleep in....and I do sometimes. Actually most people have started sleeping in, but the ironic thing is that anytime I don't show up to SS (about 50% of the time now), someone harasses me about it. However, these are the same people who also don't show up 50% of the time either. The next time I hear one particular lady say, "We're gonna have to come get you out of bed and drag you to Sunday school." I'm going to ask her how she plans on doing that without sleepwalking. I mean really!

I'd really love to have a class that was more of a "community"...I would love to have more close friends here...I mean I would really love that, but let's face it: I have nothing in common with 40 year old married people.

I asked today if we were ever going to get a teacher, but everyone pretty much ignored me. They all think I'm the problem child because I'm actually HONEST. When they ask me where I've been I tell them "sleeping", when they ask me when I'm going to teach I tell them "never". They think I'm in a perpetual bad mood, but really I'm just the only one in the class willing to admit that the current set up is a waste of time and I'd rather sleep until time for big church (like the rest of the class).

OK, that's my church vent. Join me next time for choir rehearsal venting...

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