Friday, October 28, 2005

Adventures in Babysitting

Tonight Hayden and I are babysitting 6 kids for my co-worker's rehearsal dinner. Actually, I hope Hayden is OK. We both got flu shots today (they were giving them for free at work) and she's really freaked out by I hope she hasn't passed out in a ditch somewhere.

It should be fun. I printed out some animal shapes for them to color and then I'm going to write their names on them and stick them to their backs to use for nametags.

My cheesecake turned out OK. I heard someone raving about it as I was putting my dish up. Maybe none will be left by the time it's time to go home. Goodness knows I shouldn't take it home with me!

Dang it! I've gotten chocolate on my sleeve! I swear I can't wear this shirt without getting something on it. Last time I wore it I had to perform surgery on the copy machine and got ink all over it.

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